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Why Do I Need Bluetooth?


BlueTooth is a technology that uses radio waves to wirelessly connect devices within short range of each other. It offers incredible benefits to everyone who uses it and the applications of Blue Tooth are virtually endless.

You can change your environment into a wireless world, free of cables and cords using the already preinstalled Blue Tooth capabilities in most devices or by using special bluetooth adapters. Devices such as mobile phones, computers, desktops and notebooks, printers, digital cameras, PDAs, GPS navigation systems and MP3 players can all be networked. So whether your aim is to work in a wireless office with ease and simplicity, enjoy hands free wireless telephone conversations using a bluetooth Headset or a bluetooth car kit while driving, or listening to music through your wireless stereo headphone while enjoying your favorite sport, then you have the potential for becoming a satisfied Blue Tooth user.

Bluetooth headsets are of high quality, affordable, have a great variety, and several styles to choose from. Finding one that you like will not be a problem. Variety is a huge factor of importance when it comes to a headset and TheBluetoothmall.com gives you the variety to choose from that you won’t be able to find in any other online retailer.

They come in different styles. There is the over the head style, the over the ear style, as well as the style that wraps around your ear. Finding the style that suits you may be hard at first, but be sure you go with one that is comfortable.

With so many models to choose from, you will not have a hard time finding your bluetooth device. Especially when you take into consideration the wireless headsets, USB adabters, Car kits and GPS that are readily available as well.

Where did the name Bluetooth come from?

Harald Bluetooth was king of Denmark in the late 900s. He managed to unite Denmark and part of Norway into a single kingdom then introduced Christianity into Denmark. He left a large monument, the Jelling rune stone, in memory of his parents. He was killed in 986 during a battle with his son, Svend Forkbeard.

Choosing this name for the standard indicates how important companies from the Nordic region (nations including Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland) are to the communications industry, even if it says little about the way the technology works.